The young man grabbed his head. "I, I haven't." "No! The girl seemed a little surprised. "Well, there hasn't been a fit." In fact, the young man didn't say that there were some poor people in his family. He politely refused any confession from his son. As for the initiative to pursue others, he didn't even think about it. It was dark outside the window, only a few lights could be seen in the distance. "If you're sleepy, come in and sleep on the table." "And you?" "I used to sleep on my seat." The ticket that the young man bought by the window is to sleep on the table at night. Obviously, he lied. "En" girl and young man changed seats. "En" girl and young man changed seats. Maybe the girl is too sleepy to lie on the table for a while and then she goes to sleep. She doesn't know how many times the train stops. "This is not your seat, young man?" A middle-aged man just came up with his ticket dangling in his hand. "Shhh..." the young man motioned to the middle-aged man to keep his voice down. "It's really not mine. Take a seat." The train sped silently, one in the car was sleeping, the other was slowly boiling. Looking at the sleeping girl, Xiao ran feels very happy. Before, he never gave himself the chance to care for a person. It turned out that taking care of a person could be such a happiness. It's estimated that the air conditioner in the car is a little cold at night. The girl's arms are tightly clasped together and she always sleeps in a disorderly way. Xiao ran took off her coat and put it on the girl. She didn't move around and slept much more steadily. Hour by hour, the horizon outside the window is faintly visible. When the girl opened her bleary eyes, "eh?" Beside him sat a strange man, "what about him?"